FIAR: The Night of the Moonjellies


I had never heard of Mark Shasha’s first picture book before. That’s why I love Five in a Row so much: it introduces us to such beautiful stories! This story is about the author’s childhood in which he helped out at his grandmother’s popular diner during the day, and returned a moonjelly to the deep ocean by night. The things … Read More

Letter of the Week


At the turn of the year, I realized I had to rework my homeschooling plans for Lia. The girl is a serious schoolgirl. She wanted more worksheets, please?? More puzzles? More painting? Please, please please?? At first, I pulled a variety of worksheets and activities from black-and-white workbooks, organizing them in folders. Then, I bipped around the online community and … Read More

A Brave Day

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You might not think much of my bravery, but I’m feeling quite relieved that I had a dose of courage the other day. I didn’t want to face it, but I finally cleaned bar-b-que sauce out of my purse. The background: We thought we got away with it on Sunday afternoon. On our way to the Dollar Theater to see … Read More


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Years ago, we watched a television series called “Life Goes On”. ‘Remember Paige? And Corky? At any rate, during the opening song, beautiful Paige opens the refrigerator and drinks directly out of the large orange juice carton before rushing off to her welding job. I winced every time she did that. It was gross! And bad. I can honestly say … Read More

Meet Sally Clarkson Tonight!

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My notebook is packed with excerpts from Sally Clarkson’s books on mothering and homeschooling. She has become one of the most influential voices in my aspirations in womanhood and motherhood. If you’ve ever read one of her books, you know what I mean. Her writing is full of Scripture, encouragement, inspiration, and grace. She establishes an example of gentle motherhood … Read More