It’s Like Chocolate Cake for Your Inbox! (You Can Now Subscribe!)

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Oh, my. Here’s one for the records and for the big name bloggers who preach “numbers don’t count; commitment counts” message. I currently have 4 subscribers. And I blog my heart out for them. It’s no joke! I have 4 wonderful, faithful, sticking-with-me subscribers. I LOVE those 4 subscribers (hi, there!) and am so grateful for their (your) support and … Read More

How to Get Your Life Back from Distraction, Depression, and Distance

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Here’s the mystery that I am counting on: by walking away from a busy, accomplishment-oriented lifestyle into a quiet world of deep relationships, service, and home-life, I will establish a far-reaching legacy that extends throughout many generations. I don’t want this conviction to fade from my daily choices. So, if I must quit or drastically change something in order to protect my relationship with God, I hope I will. At the same time, if I need to grow and increase my responsibilities in order to obey God, I hope I will.

If Everyone Else is Doing It: Social Media, Behave! Day 4


It’s the same old scenario: The teenager argues, “But everyone else is doing it!” And the parents reply, “I don’t care. We are not everyone else.” In the best situations, the parents don’t budge and the teenager is spared. In the worst cases, the parents cave and the teenager compromises one value at a time until there are none left. … Read More

At What Cost? Social Media, Behave! Day 3

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Christ said it about following Him: “consider the cost…” He wants His disciples to face the sacrifices up front, and to make our decision based upon the truth. He knows that if we are surprised by the struggles, oppositions, and crosses along the way, we might lose heart and become offended by Him. So throughout Scripture, He is very open … Read More

Thanksgiving Bracelets: New Vlog!


To celebrate being nominated for The Homeschool Blog Awards Vlog Category, and to inspire you to bip over there to vote for us, we whipped up a brand new vlog showing you one of our favorite Thanksgiving Traditions. Enjoy! And then get your loving vote in! I think that today’s the last day. 🙂

The Secret to Happy Blogging


Have you noticed the explosion of mommy bloggers bustling about with loads of reviews, giveaways, tips, and encouragement?! I’m one of them, with my two blogs pumping out advice for young mothers. We are one enthusiastic bunch of bloggers, that’s for sure. Readers are gaining so much support and inspiration from the thousands of mommy bloggers. Companies are throwing money … Read More