The Best Assurance of Your Salvation: Nothing Can Separate You From Christ

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When your child lays in bed at night and wonders again and again if her confession of faith really counted, have you ever pointed her to the story of the Flood? Or the Exodus? When you have doubts about your own salvation, do you look for comfort in the Exile? Or the Diaspora? These Old Testament stories are more than … Read More

Will Today’s Headlines Shape Civilization?

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Do you ever wonder if God is truly attentive to the world’s affairs? Does He care about politics? Does He care where we live and what we do with our time? Are our concerns His concerns? The book of Esther sheds light on these age-old questions. We’ve been studying Esther in our local women’s Bible study and I was blown … Read More

Christians Are Not a Dying Breed

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I know people say things like “the younger generation is leaving the church,” and that “Christians are a shrinking minority”. I know that polls point to our sure disappearance, but I also know something to encourage our fainting hearts: Christianity is thriving in God’s hands and Christians are not a dying breed. We never will be.

Ruth 2: “From Foreigner to Family”

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The gospel is powerfully depicted throughout the book of Ruth. The second chapter of Ruth paints a beautiful picture of Jesus inviting us into his family when were very much like Ruth – alienated, strangers, and far from God. “Once, we were not a people, but now we are God’s people…” (1 Peter 2:10). I hope that you are blessed by this … Read More

Why Continue in the Word of God?

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It’s one thing to repent of idolatry. It’s another thing to repent of worshiping God as if He were an idol.

Lately, this has caught my attention.

When God delivered the Israelites from Egypt and led them to the Promise Land, He told them that they must not worship Him the WAY other people worship their gods. Perhaps we think, “If the world is sacrificing holiness, covenantal relationships, and familial responsibility to serve Achievement, Fame, and Money, I’ll offer the same thing to God. He’ll love it.” That sounds a bit extreme, but after some soul-searching, we may discover that it is how we think more often than not.

It’s possible that when we think we’re worshiping God, we’re really just giving Him something that he hates.

Repentance: Everywhere and All the Time

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You know when God seems to place a word or idea everywhere you look?

That’s how it’s been with me and repentance. I’m still thinking about it, especially while we’re still studying the book of Judges.

It’s not easy to repent of idolatry because it’s not easy to spot idols. Do you know what I mean? Today, I want to share the 2 questions that help me to identify the idols that lure me away from Jesus:

Before Answering Another Bible Study Question: 4 Must-Do’s

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For five months, I had been extensively studying Israel’s cyclical return to idolatry, yet I had not yet once repented of my own idolatry. How sobering to be stopped with my pen poised in the air, ready to complete my Bible Study homework, when the Holy Spirit had to grab my attention and point out my oversight. Yet, how beautiful and good it was to repent and receive God’s forgiveness.

Do you need to stop everything and repent of idolatry today? I hope that this video lesson from the book of Judges will encourage and equip you.

You are not disqualified. Here’s why.

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What makes you feel like you will not be used by God in great and marvelous ways?

Sometimes I honestly feel like it’s my responsibilities here at home, even though I know better. Other times I think it’s my quirky shy side that comes out at the most inconvenient times or the foolish choices I’ve made in the past.

It seems to me that we have countless reasons to feel discouraged and disqualified, whether it’s genetics, gender, history, abilities, employment, marriage, family, or responsibilities. When it comes to God’s great and triumphant work, it’s easy to look at ourselves and see how weak and poor we really are. What should we do when life circumstances seem to hold us back, though our hearts are full of love for God?

What should we do when our here-and-now seems like the last thing God would want to use?