They Finally Said, “I Do”

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After much cavorting around the house, Rapunzel and Sir John (aka Flynn Rider) were finally wed in the living room on a wintery day in 2012. Perhaps you will be bored by my many photos, but I was so delighted by their union (and by the adorable wedding planners) that I just have to fill up my blog with snapshots … Read More

Not a Machine

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I was buzzing about my day, accomplishing everything on my extensive to-do list, when one thought changed my life. It happened the day I pulled the car into the garage after grocery shopping – keeping within our budget, mind you – and using a handful of coupons. I had selected the finest fruits and vegetables, bought all-natural snacks, and befriended … Read More

The Suction-Cup Toothbrush

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For months, I’ve been thinking of telling you to keep your eyes open for suction-cup toothbrushes at your local Dollar Store. I snagged some a while back and just love how they keep the toothbrush head less germ-y, and a bathroom cleaner. (No more goopy toothbrushes laying across the counter or in a moldy cup by the sink!) Fewer germs, … Read More