“How To Survive the Day with Littles”, OR “How Having 3 Kids Is Harder Than 5”

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While our older two daughters have been at a daily art camp for two weeks, I’ve been home with our three youngest children ages 5, 2, and newborn. I love our younger children dearly and am grateful that our family continues to enjoy the little years. In fact, I have a blog post coming about how I am filled-to-the-brim with joy just … Read More

Motivate Your Kids Without Bribery, Candy, or Charts

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Back in the day when I only had one child, I motivated her by making colorful charts for the refrigerator and cheering her on while she worked on “going potty” or “saying please” or pronouncing “sh” correctly. I could affirm her and help her to reach each every great aspiration. I took photos and rewarded her with a little treat … Read More

When Ministry Happens in Fits and Starts

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 (“Women’s Ministry”.) For years, I’ve aspired to be like the faithful Sunday School teacher who serves her post for 50 years, loving generations of children, sharing the gospel with countless young people who gather at her table week after week. I’ve day-dreamed about looking back over the years and noticing that my faithful involvement in a community, or a person, … Read More

Wooden on Motherhood: What the UCLA Coach Taught Me About Leading and Loving my Children

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I recently read Wooden on Leadership by John Wooden and Steve Jamison. John Wooden is known as the “best coach in history”. Not only did he lead his UCLA basketball team to many victories (10 NCAA Championships), but he also – and more importantly – poured his life into teaching his athletes to thrive as human beings. Though the book … Read More

How to Begin and Nurture a Mentoring Relationship: It’s a Blessing We Can’t Afford to Miss!

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To complement my post at Revive Our Hearts True Woman Blog today, I thought I’d write about a way in which God has used biblical mentoring in my life. Many, many women have enriched my life over the years – my own mother being at the very top of the list – but I thought that today, I’d share one … Read More

Look for the Shining Moments: My Shot at “Chicken Soup for the Soccer Mom’s Soul”

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In the middle of the winter, we needed to get our boy running around. So, we signed him up for Soccer Shots at a church around the bend. It was a wonderful experience and exactly what he needed: an honest and helpful coach, lots of exercise, and a first-time exposure to playing on a team. The first day, I felt … Read More

The #1 Thing We Can Learn from Mommy-Guilt


Let’s hide this in our hearts and let it encourage us from day to day:

Motherhood is a woman’s continual growth in relationship and skill, it is not an impossible standard of perfection reserved for an elite few.

When you suffer from pangs of mommy-guilt, let it be a signal for you to think better about motherhood. Guilt may threaten to shut you down, but don’t let it.

It’s Hard to Change the Things Which Should be Changed

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Our two-year-old had that 5-day stomach virus last week. I’m grateful that she is feeling well again, but I’m completely wiped out.  Five days of vomit and diarrhea, crankiness and clinginess, laundry and love took its toll on me. (I must say, though, that the major gushing episode at Trader Joe’s was an unexpected blessing. The management ran to my … Read More