5 Simple Choices for Postpartum Well-Being

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My postpartum experience had gotten progressively worse with each baby: increasing in depression each time. The worst was when I experienced unusual fear, paranoia, and disturbing thoughts after having our fourth child. So when I found out I was pregnant with Baby #5, I knew I had my work cut out for me. With five children relying on me, I … Read More

All I Want for our Children

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While we simplify our homeschooling schedule to make way for lots of Christmas preparation and celebration, I’ve taken some extra time to read, pray, and think about our day-to-day lives. Heading into the new year, I’m asking, “What adjustments do we need to make here at home? Specifically, what do we want for our children?” I’ve been looking closely at … Read More

When Parties aren’t Perfect

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We placed the white candles in their silver candlestick holders down the length of the burlap runner on our farm table.  A galvanized pail sat in the center of the table, full of greens that we brought in from one of the pine trees in our woods.  The beautiful little flames warmed the room and made it look so Christmassy. … Read More

Kids Laugh A Lot (Rewrite)

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(Does this title look familiar? That’s because I rewrote a post about enjoying laughter in our homes for the True Woman blog at ReviveOurHearts.com. Enjoy!) Kids laugh a lot. A child’s laughter is glorious. Why, just today, my kids were giggling uncontrollably at someone’s antics, and I wished I could bottle their contagious, delightful laughter. I’d treasure that precious bottle … Read More

Kids Cry A Lot

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Our kids cry a lot. That’s what came to my mind yesterday after the third episode of tears in a matter of minutes. I often tell myself, “I can’t stand all of this crying!” But children do cry . . . a lot. Especially the little ones. In fact, the littler a person, the more he or she cries. All … Read More

Dear Fathers and Mothers: You’re Hired.

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In these uncertain economic times, you may wonder if your employer will retain you, if you are valuable enough to stay on the payroll. Today, focus on this: you’re hired to do one of civilization’s most important tasks and you are irreplaceable. As a father or mother, your job of loving and teaching your children is vital to their well-being … Read More

This Month’s Bibliography: Fortresses, Hip Circles, and Hot Cocoa

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Just as a bibliography lists the works that developed a piece of writing, this post will list some of the things that are enriching and informing my life this month. I hope you discover something in this collection that is helpful to you and becomes a part of your bibliography, too. After you’ve read this post, would you share a … Read More