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Vote for 10 Million Miles here: Here are some of my favorite vlogs from the past couple of years:       If you want to watch more, check out the VLOG category over there in the right hand column. Enjoy!

A New Vivi Show!


Vivienne’s whipping up a family-favorite treat at Raising Homemakers today! Grab your little ones, and click on over to enjoy. Here’s the written recipe to what we call Pebble Snacks. As a bonus, here’s another family favorite that’s simple and quick to make. Saltine Cracker Toffee is a sure crowd-pleaser!

Face Mistakes Like a Champ!

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It’s inevitable: you and I will make mistakes. Our children will make lots of mistakes. Some days, a house full of humans is a house full of mistakes! Our response to mistakes makes all the difference in the world between a healthy home and an unhealthy home. Instead of breeding denial, callous consciences, or the fear of failure, why not … Read More

Advertising Fail

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(Be prepared: You will never think of me the same again.) Several weeks ago, many of you enjoyed Vivienne’s adorable “Tuna-Fish Salad” how-to. (What? You missed it?! Oh, you’ve just gotta watch it before you read on, okay?) I watched the numbers of viewers grow and grow, and thought maybe we could make a buck. (Shameful, I know.) I’m new … Read More

Let Him Fly

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Did you know that most men define “nagging” as being told to do something once – if it’s in a degrading, complaining tone? A couple of years ago, my nagging on Ryan got way too incessant. It was actually during a personal prayer time that the Holy Spirit practically spoke out loud to me, “LEAVE THE GUY ALONE.” He gave … Read More

Reading My Own Blog on Marriage

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This has been my most hypocritical blogging week ever. And today’s post beats ’em all. (Hi, Honey! Get ready for a good laugh…) In this vlog, I’ll share with you the power of being sweet… but, in my home, I’ve been so cantankerous. Yes, “cantankerous” is the perfect word to describe how I’ve been behaving. Especially at night. When I’m … Read More

What is a Wife??

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Yes, you’d hope I would have known! But, I needed a little brush-up. Once I started to do some serious praying and reading on the subject, I discovered some truths about our role being much much more than I ever imagined. Perhaps this is old news to you, but did you know that we are actually created to be strong … Read More