Williamsburg with Children: One more must-read

LauraWilliamsburg VA

I must say, what really helped things to “come-alive” for our children was having read the American Girl Felicity series, watched the film, and – most of all – having read the Felicity mysteries. I highly recommend reading Traitor in Williamsburg aloud in the car-trip down, or ahead of time, since it is placed in Williamsburg and contains many of … Read More

Williamsburg with Children: the Historic Triangle

LauraWilliamsburg VA

Though Jamestown and Yorktown often are shadowed by Colonial Williamsburg, I highly recommend that you settle in and explore all three locations. Each has its merits and awakens its guests to the America’s history. They call the three locations the Historic Triangle, and you can purchase one ticket that will give you access to everything. Colonial Williamsburg is an enclosed … Read More

Williamsburg with Children (and a Budget)

LauraWilliamsburg VA

We weren’t able to take advantage of Williamsburg’s annual “homeschool days” this year, which provides fantastic deals for homeschooling families. But, we did find some ways to save money. First, we found our inexpensive hotel through priceline.com. By now, you probably have your own favorite way of scoring a deal on hotel rooms. We were looking for one thing: an … Read More

Williamsburg with Children

LauraField Trips, Williamsburg VA

“Good day!” We just returned from a delightful week-long vacation in Williamsburg, VA with day-trips to Jamestown, Yorktown, and Virginia Beach. I wasn’t sure how enjoyable it would be for the girls, but I was pleasantly surprised that they loved every minute of it. I highly encourage you to gather your little ones and head for Virginia! The entire area … Read More