Create a Keepsake for Birthdays and Mother’s Days

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The other day, a lovely Kohl’s cashier shared a motherhood tip that I adore¬†and couldn’t wait to share with you.

She is a mother of five children. Hers are all grown now; her youngest son 6’4” and all. She told me that instead of her children making birthday and Mother’s Day cards for her, they would draw pictures and write notes in a special blank book. Over the years, they’ve filled 5 books with their artwork and sentiments. Paging through the books is like walking down memory lane. She said that those books are quite the keepsake that the entire family enjoys thumbing through.

So, instead of piles of homemade cards in an untouched savings box, she has one beautiful time-capsule book.

Don’t you love that?

(Ooo, now the fun part will be finding “*just the right* blank books… one for me and one for Ryan! Do you have any suggestions for blank books that you’ve discovered and love?)


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