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Hi, there! My beautiful website disappeared and I’m hoping to find it, but in the meantime, I’m using a vintage template from long ago when my blog was called “10 Million Miles”.

Feel free to sit back and listen to a few episodes of “Expect Something Beautiful” while I work on things behind the scenes…

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God entered in when I least expected it. It was in those moments when I wrapped warm towels around my kids shivering shoulders and served them countless bags of microwavable popcorn. To be with them, to help them to thrive was wonderful. As always, a glimpse of how God must feel about being with us. 

And surprisingly, even though I wasn’t attending any thought-provoking sessions or networking or having stimulating conversations over lunch, I grew that week. I grew in character, maturity, and commitment. Mostly, I grew in awe of Jesus, who given the choice between laying His life down for us or doing something less costly, picks us every time.

Click here to listen to “The Double Stroller at a Tech Conference”.

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The Truck Driver Evaluation

 I imagine the instructor sits in the passenger seat, holding a clipboard, and checks off these items as the student navigates tanks of milk from the dairy farms, or loads of green beans to the cannery down the road. 

To give you a feel of what that might be like, let’s pop you up in the driver’s seat and see how you do.

Now, remember the instructor is watching and the checklist is waiting.

Click here to listen to the full episode “The Truck Driver Evaluation”.

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In Secret

About two inches into the timeline, several weeks into the pregnancy, after so much had gone on in the baby’s life, there was a little tick mark with the inscription, “Mother suspects pregnancy.” 

I vividly remember my shock when I read that inscription, “Mother suspects pregnancy?” Really? Her child has been going through massive amounts of development and the mother just suspects pregnancy? 

It made me realize that for each and every one of us, we have a time period in our lives when we are just inches away from our own mother’s heart. Living off the same blood and yet she doesn’t even know we are there. 

According to that timeline, even when we are most intimately connected with another human, we are still quite alone. 

Click here to listen to “In Secret”.

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Midday light suddenly appeared as if were night. The sky turned dark, the temperature dropped, crickets chirped, stars shown. You could really sense the presence of the moon in the heavens while getting a rare look at the sun’s corona. 

People in the right place, at the right time, broke down in tears—tears of joy and wonder as they observed this phenomenon and as they contemplated their place in the universe. 

But when I looked through my eclipse viewing device, I was underwhelmed.

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The Best There Is

What an image. Talk about a blazing white light. You and I are invited to say so long to the boring life of self-glorification. So long to worldly success, and so long to objectification. 

You and I get to run toward true joy and love and friendship, worship. We get to fill our minds with thoughts about Christ. Remembering that He left His glorious position in heaven to serve us. And we get to be like Him. We get to think like Him, and see like Him, and serve like Him. 

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Need Love?

I watched him as he walked away. He looked down at the piece of cardboard, and that’s when I realized what I had done. I had just given him a shipping box with our address on it. 

My heart was in my throat. I didn’t know who this man was or what he was up to. To make matters worse, Ryan was overseas on a business trip, and I was flying solo. Our kids were relying on me to keep them safe, but now I put us in this precarious position. 

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One at a Time

I was amazed that in her relatively short lifetime, Marie had accomplished a staggering amount of work. She had shared the love of Christ with every person in that room, and I’m sure countless others who would have been there if they could. 

I had been so concerned about how Marie was getting anything done, but as it turns out, we were the work Marie was doing all along.

I had never known anyone quite like Marie, she was one of a kind. Yet, she was simply living the way God calls all of us to live. Anyone who has received God’s love is called to love others in a special focused way. 

Click here to listen to the full episode: “One at a Time”.

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The Dodge Charger

I was stopped at an intersection when the driver behind me began honking impatiently.

“Okay, Buddy,” I thought to myself. “Just take it easy. I’m doing my best.”

I turned left. The driver turned left.

No sooner had I started driving down the road than I heard the driver revving his engine. He peeled out beside me, putting pedal to the metal as he left me in the dust. As I watched his car disappear down the country road, smoke pouring out of his exhaust pipe, I thought that was the end of my driving adventures for one day.

But as I pulled up to the next traffic light, I couldn’t have been more surprised by what I came across. 

Hear the dramatic end to this story in the latest episode of the Expect Something Beautiful podcast.

You’ll hear what I witnessed that day and why it reminded her of an even more incredible scene from Scripture.

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The Hole in Our Basement

Although my podcast is called “Expect Something Beautiful,” in today’s episode, you can Expect Something Alarming. This story STILL sends shivers up my spine, but I hope it will help you to remember how important it is to guard your heart. You are precious in God’s sight and worth protecting. You can listen to the story here: The Hole in Our Basement

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