100th Day of School

LauraEarly Elementary Education

Our 100th Day of School began with a special breakfast-in-bed for the two hardworking schoolgirls.

Then, the girls decorated “100  Days of School” Crowns:

The girls decided what they would do with 100 DOLLARS! (IF the $100 were real, that is.):

Vivienne would buy an American Girl Doll. Lia would buy a large stuffed caterpillar.

We read Psalm 100 together!

Then we made a train of 100 dominoes. (And we discovered a trick that all you smart domino-folks probably know already: leave out one domino every ten dominoes, so that IF the train should begin collapsing, you won’t lose all of your work. At the very end, secure those extra dominoes in place, and let ‘er rip!)

We did 100 Exercises (10 jumping jacks, 10 spins, 10 sit-ups, 10 hops, etc.), followed by 100 seconds of rest (which was more difficult for the girls to do than the 100 exercises.

Finally, Ryan wrapped the celebration off by sending the girls to bed with 100 Flying Kisses, which are very energetic kisses that fly all around the room and finally land on a little girl and tickle her crazy. (He counted by 10’s.)