2 Peas in a Pod

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So, it’s Little House on the Prairie in these parts. A couple of weeks ago, we decided that it was time to move Lia out of the crib and into a full bed with Vivienne. So far, they literally squeal with joy to cuddle up together. It’s truly priceless. And to peek in on them once they’re adventuring in Never Never Land is one of those heart-stopping moments that a parent never never forgets. (I know that you probably would love to see such a treasure, but there is no way I’m risking it to snap a photo while they’re sound asleep.)

I realized, though, that it mustn’t be all bliss when Viv showed me this comic recorded in her little notebook. “This is called “NOVIVI” because that’s what Lia says when we are laying in bed and I give her the boot!'”