I’d Rather Be Fishing

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First catch: some nice slimy greens! Grandmom caught two fish, including this beauty: a 16-inch big mouthed bass and this little mouthed one (who was actually in the middle of a meal, once we got a look in there) Worship Him who made the Heaven and the earth, the seas and the springs of water! Revelation 14:7

Little House in the Big Woods

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If your four-year-old is ready, I highly recommend reading the first Little House book together. In it, Laura herself is four! We thoroughly enjoyed The Little House in the Big Woods. Some things that helped Vivienne to understand it as we read: * Making this lapbook: These suggestions were so much fun – making butter, carving soap, and other hands-on … Read More

Grass Heads, etc.

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Highlights from this past week include but are not limited to: Grass Heads! Dare I ever think my degree in Biology is worthless, please remind me about the scientists God gave me… Art Museum Tattoos… ‘can’t get better than that! Matching Girls! I rarely do this, but when I do, I feel like a REALLY good mom. 🙂

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

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This morning, we enjoyed a field trip to the Recycling Center to compliment our lessons about God’s creation and good stewardship. We saw (and smelled) garbage being mashed by big, loud trucks; watched men, trucks, and conveyor belts sort tons and tons of cardboard boxes, plastics, and glass; saw huge blocks of crushed bottles, cans, and paper; danced to Jack … Read More

Hurrah! The American People!

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***WARNING: YET ANOTHER POST ABOUT PRESIDENT OBAMA’S EDUCATION SPEECH*** I’ve been watching carefully as the American people respond to and anticipate Obama’s September 8th education speech, which is now available for pre-reading. I read through most of the vibrant comments (90 and counting!) sparked by Sarah’s post concerning the topic. I’ve watched the “Pledge Commercial” that was apparently going to … Read More

Alphabet Quest at the Museum

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Field Trip Day! A great friend of Vivienne’s joined us at the Palmer Museum of Art this morning. The two girls had a blast playing the “Alphabet Quest” game from Vivienne’s Phonics program. I simply attached the alphabet to a clipboard and the girls found examples of words beginning with each letter: everything from ketchup to ribbons to queens caught … Read More

It’s My Store

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‘You know how a shop-owner is ultimately responsible for everything in the store – including the personnel? If the first-shift clerk doesn’t show up to open the shop, sweep the floor, and handle the first 8 hours of customers, the shop-owner rolls out of bed, cancels her plans for the day, and does it herself. Why? Because… it’s her store! … Read More