Our Christmas Message for You…

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We’ll be taking a blogging break around these parts until the new year. May you be filled with courage, joy, and the deepest love as you celebrate the holiday. Lia provides our Christmas message to you this year… (You’ll love how she couldn’t help but look at herself on the computer screen, but knew the camera was above her. So, … Read More

“My Life For Yours”


“My life for yours.” That’s what the pastor said in the homily. My new brother, Alan, and my sister, Erin, stood up on a platform, hand-in-hand and the pastor charged them with John 15:13 passion. He said “This is the gospel. This is marriage.” And now, a week later, I still can’t get it out of my head… it keeps … Read More

The Chicken Principle: Part 2 of 3 (unless I think of more)

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So, the other day, I was telling Ryan about The Chicken Principle and he added this brilliance: When we are struggling with lust (for self-pity, food, s*x, attention, stuff, etc.), often our way out of the temptation is found in The Chicken Principle. It’s in making ourselves useful and producing something that we turn away from temptation. When we have … Read More

The Chicken Principle: Part 1 of 3 (unless I think of more)

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As you know, we have 17 chickens. They lay eggs every day. Their entire lives revolve around laying those eggs: they eat, sleep, and socialize so that they can lay eggs. For the most part, they lay eggs in nesting boxes. We never had to teach or train them to do this. They just knew: “There is a plastic bucket … Read More


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One of my favorite scenes in the entire Bible is the Mount of Transfiguration where Jesus reunites with His good friends, Moses and Elijah. I love imagining how wonderful it must have felt for Jesus to talk with them. He must have just loved that they got it because they finally had a heavenly vantage point.  How amazing it is … Read More

If Everyone Else is Doing It: Social Media, Behave! Day 4


It’s the same old scenario: The teenager argues, “But everyone else is doing it!” And the parents reply, “I don’t care. We are not everyone else.” In the best situations, the parents don’t budge and the teenager is spared. In the worst cases, the parents cave and the teenager compromises one value at a time until there are none left. … Read More