I Notice a Gender Difference!


From the day we brought Malachi home, folks have been asking if I notice any difference between “girls and boys”. Until recently, I only noticed the differences in personality. But since Kai has been up and moving (everywhere), I can confidently say, “Yes! I notice a gender difference!” In fact, I’m so confident that it’s a gender difference – and … Read More

My 2012 Booklist (xoxo): Or, I didn’t do that for nothing!

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(Although I posted this last week, all of the links were broken. I finally fixed them, and decided that the effort was worth a re-post. Now you can really dig in and enjoy, my faithful readers!) Putting this list together felt like a spa treatment. I love day-dreaming about books. I also love actually reading them. SO, here’s my ambitious … Read More

What about the baguette??

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You may have noticed that I did not purchase a baguette during my French-girl shopping trip. Why not? BECAUSE… I’ve been making my own bread using the amazing Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day. So far, I’ve used their classic Boule recipe as well as their gluten-free recipe (found in this book). Both are delicious, but the classic Boule … Read More

January’s French Girl Groceries

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After cranking out a full American Girl shopping trip, it’s hard to slip in the proper mindset for the French Girl shopping trip, evidenced by the fact that I forgot the dark chocolate! Oh, dear. But I did purchase organic kale for our morning green smoothies, and that’s good, right? I’m happy with my simple beginnings: some posies and a … Read More

Pray and Plan

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Recently, Ryan and I took a weekend to pray and plan for the upcoming year. Some friends of ours sent us a template of topics to work through – everything from finances to intellectual growth. Our friends have enjoyed their annual Pray-and-Plan Retreats and inspired us to begin our own. It was encouraging to our marriage and I think it … Read More

“The Sky is Blue” and How My Prayer Life Has Soared

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Our Sunday School class just finished an incredible book called The Praying Life by Paul Miller. Ryan and I are still reading it aloud together, so we’ll be savoring it for a while. One of the most powerful take-away points for me was Miller’s encouragement to pray about the things that seem as unchangeable as the color of the sky. … Read More

Broken Links

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Sorry about the broken links! ‘Don’t know if I’ll have a moment to fix them or not. I just wanted to spare you from clicking through the book lists looking for a link that works! If you’re interested in the book, simply look up the title on Amazon or through your local library’s website. 🙂