25 Gifts that Anyone Will Love

With the right packaging, I theorize that practically anyone on your gift-list will genuinely appreciate one of the following gifts.

Upon first glance, my suggestions might appear silly, but imagine the potential if:

* you really believed in the authentic coolness of your gift,

* wrapped it just right, and

* anticipated a pleasantly surprised, “Oh, cool! It’s….

1. funky buttons

2. a retro iron-on patch

3. classic chapstick

4. one unique marble

5. a special tin of mints

6. four cloth napkins

7. a slick 6-inch flashlight

8. a super ball (we’re never too old)

9. a box of Vegetable Lo Mein (don’t forget the chopsticks)

10. Archer Farms Cookies (really, anything from Archer Farms is a gift somehow)

11. the perfect nap blanket

12. this month’s National Geographic Magazine

13. matching candlesticks (ooo, with a box of large kitchen matches)

14. a pomegranate (click the fruit for instructions)

15. a kumquat

15. a box of organic tea (we recommend this)

16. an 8-ounce stainless steel thermos (cheers to healthy drinking!)

17. The Four Loves by C.S. Lewis

18. a pack of old-fashioned No. 2 wooden pencils (worth the first whiff)

19. an automatic pencil-sharpener or an old-fashioned crank sharpener (each cool for its own reason)

20. a jug of windshield wiper fluid, a new squidgy, and a vanilla air freshener

21. a crock of marmalade

22. Chris Van Allsburg’s The Mysteries of Harris Burdick (a picture book with allure!)

23. Carr’s ginger lemon cremes (you don’t believe me?!)

24. a half-gallon Mason jar (to put stuff in; invaluable)

25. a squishy ball, cylinder, or creature (how can you resist this Solar Flare Puffer Ball or the Knobbly Wobbly?)

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