3 Ways to Connect with Your Child: Share!

When you share something from your world with your child, you open your arms and welcome her into relationship with you. Whether it’s a bite of your cupcake or the Scripture that’s been encouraging you lately, look for a way to share your personal world with your child. He’ll treasure your generosity and trust.

  1. Share a treat with him. 

    Whenever I have a little stash of chocolate, I try to share it with one of my kids. I look for a moment when it’s just the two of us and I’ll make a moment out of it. “Hey, you’re going to love this!” I say as I secretly pass along a chocolate-coated almond with Turbinado sugar and sea salt (thank you very much, Trader Joe’s!).What have you been enjoying lately? A treat in the pantry or a view from the window? An experience or a song? How can you share something that you love with your child?

  2. Write a note to her. 

    “Words of affirmation” are a love language. God communicates His love for us through words. Let’s learn from His example and write an encouraging, uplifting note to our child this week. Ask God to bring to mind just the thing that will bless your child.

  3. Share Scripture with him. 

    Of course, one of the dearest things you can share with your child is the Word of God – especially the Scriptures that are meaningful to you. Make a note of something that you’ve learned or loved in Scripture this week and tell your child. You won’t be sharing it to correct your child or even instruct him. It’ll just be from youabout you. Even if he doesn’t know what to say in response to your transparency, he’ll treasure the insight and may return the favor some day.






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