3 Simple (Funny) Ways to Connect with your Child This Week

See this little girl? She loves to laugh and she has a great sense of humor.

Very few things connect human beings like laughter: it sweeps away our inhibitions and gives us common ground.

Here are a few ways to connect with your child this week that involve laughter…

  1. Laugh out loud at her jokes or efforts to be funny. Your child will feel like a million bucks when you take time to listen and laugh at her jokes, sarcasm, or off-hand comments. Look for an opportunity to affirm her efforts to be funny. Show her that you noticed and that you like it.
  2. Tell him something funny that happened to you. Pay attention during your day, looking for something funny to share with your child. (Once you have an idea, write it down or message yourself so you remember. A friend of mine keeps an index card and a pen in her back pocket for this reason. I love her intentional effort to share her life with her family.) That evening, share your “Guess what happened to me?” story. Laugh together. Your story will make you more relatable and your child will feel like your confidant.
  3. Play an active game together. When was the last time you really played Hide-and-Seek? Even if your child is older, he will love to connect with you over a classic game like “Hide-and-Seek”, a water-balloon or nerf gun battle, or a foot race. It doesn’t take much to say, “See that tree over there? I’ll race you there. Go!” And take off! It’ll get your blood pumping and the simple pleasure of it all will make you laugh together. I dare you.

Looking for more about laughter? You’ll love this post that I wrote for Revive Our Hearts, “Kids Laugh A Lot”.

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