3 Simple Ways to Connect with Your Child This Week


This week, enjoy these 3 simple ways to connect with your child:

  1. Say his name.  Say her name.

I’m surprised how often I replace my child’s name with a term of endearment: Sweetie, Honey, Bud, Batman… While these are sweet, I find that speaking my child’s real name kindly – when everything is going well and they are not in trouble – is even sweeter.

When we speak a child’s name aloud, we honor their unique personhood. They know this instinctually and they feel special.

Your child will love to hear his/ her name spoken by you! It will connect you in a surprising way.

(BTW: While you’re at it, try calling your spouse by his own name, too. It’s a beautiful, personal, simple way of connecting with that Sweetheart, Honey, Babe, Warrior Man of yours.)

2. Pray together.

Does anything connect two people together better than prayer? No matter how young your child is, take time to pray together today. Look for an opportunity beyond meal time to pray about something that matters to your child. A fear? An injury? A blessing? A desire? Come alongside your child, show that you care about her burdens, and talk to your Heavenly Father together.

3. Sing!

When I sing, my kids know that everything is okay. I try to remember to sing when I’m doing the dishes, changing the baby’s diaper, or bipping around the house.

I don’t have to be singing with my children to help them feel secure and connected to me. I just have to be singing!

There’s just something about it – maybe the fact that I’m letting my guard down – that seems to invite them into my heart and thoughts.

Try it! The next time your kids are nearby, sing! Do you notice that they seem to feel peaceful and at home?