3 Weeks of Kindergarten

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Things I’ve learned in the first 3 weeks of Kindergarten:


* Circle Time is 10 minutes. Max. We sing, we do the calendar, we pray, we read a very short passage of Scripture, and review our memory verse. And that’s it. Otherwise, Lia is long gone (and, therefore, so is Vivienne). So for the time being, we will not be memorizing the weekly poems or discussing the depths of mankind like I had originally intended. But we’re establishing the habit, which will allow for all of that blooming and growing later on.

* We complete phonics and the arts in a jiffy! So we’re usually finished with our morning school work by 10 a.m. (not 11 a.m. as I had originally thought).

* Doing Vivienne’s math and reading-aloud during Lia’s naptime worked so well for us over the summer and continues to be our best bet. SO: that’s what we do.


* God made a shark that has been dubbed “The Garbage-Can Shark” because it eats anything: cans of paint, lawn chairs, your arm, etc.

* Insect-eating plants only grow in very poor soil because, well, they don’t need it.

* Alice in Wonderland is far more delightful than I ever assumed it to be. Especially when read to me by someone else. Ah, audio books! (It helps when it is read with fantastic voices and accompanied by a 4-year old’s giggle from the back seat of the car…) The best part is the charming postlogue.

* Our particular kindergartner plans to hike Mount Everest with Daddy. She says she’ll need to get a nice, strong rope first, though.