31 Days to “Fan A Gift Into Flame”

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That’s what Paul said to Timothy: “Fan your gift into flame.”

He was talking about Timothy’s gift to preach the gospel. God had saved Timothy and had given him this great gift to use for God’s glory and the Church’s benefit, but Timothy felt insecure, scared-to-death, and too tiny to claim the prize. That’s why, in 1st and 2nd Timothy, Paul strongly encourages Timothy to stop cowering, to receive the gift, and to do the thing, for crying out loud.

Last week, I scrawled those words in my journal: “Fan your gift into flame”.

During my devotional time, this concept has been breaking my heart. God is hard at work in here, trying to get my attention and change me. I feel like He’s been pointing to an ember of a spiritual gift that I thought I’d hold onto until the kids are grown, graduated, and married off.  I’ve wrapped Caution Tape around this ember, hoping it would simmer inside until I am Fabulous and Fifty. I’ll be wiser then. I’ll be freer then. But it seems that God wants me to fan it into flame now when I’m Thirty-Five and Thronged-With-Tikesters. The Caution Tape is unraveling.

The ember: a gift to speak and teach the Bible.

The time to build a fire: now.

How to build the fire? I have no earthly idea.

Writing has always been a helpful way for me to work out struggles and blessing. So, I’ll quietly begin this project here and may or may not make it all the way through this popular “31 Days” month. After all, “blogging” isn’t the gift I’m fanning, so I can’t lose my focus. But I’ll do my best to write about my journey.

If you’ve got an ember of a gift that God wants fanned into flame, come along!