5 Habits Upon Waking


Crystal at Biblical Womanhood challenged her readers to Make Our Homes a Haven. She offers a handful of ideas each day and I’ve decided to join in when I can. If you know me, you know I’m a sucker for assignments, so while this is right up my alley, this almost-8-months-pregnant over-achiever will be trying to participate in delightful moderation…

Anyway, for today, we are to come up with a list of 5 things that we’d like to do each morning in the same order. Mine are:

* Kiss my husband

* Get a shower

* Meditate on the Advent readings for the day and pray

* Wake little V with a smile; jump in bed with her; read the Advent Psalms together

* Help her get bathed and dressed for a joyful day!






3 responses to “5 Habits Upon Waking”

  1. Jan Avatar

    I have never in my 5 years as a mom had to wake my boys up in the morning – they are BOTH roosters. For this reason, my list looks like this
    1. Pray silently – dear god, help them fall back to sleep
    2. give Sawyer a binky and repeat prayer
    3. ask Harrison if he’s SURE he wouldn’t like to climb in bed with me and rest a little while longer? (new prayer – dear god, give me strength)
    4. get them each a cup of milk (Harrison’s must be warm for reasons I can not comprehend)
    5. turn on the t.v. (it’s 5 o’clock in the morning and I have ZERO guilt about this)

    Your morning sounds so very happy though – especially the shower!!! I’m jealous!

  2. Jan Avatar

    And P.S – eight months?! YAY!!!!!

  3. admin Avatar

    You are so funny. And probably much more honest than many of us signed up for the challenge. 🙂
    And, well, I’ll be BEGINNING my eighth month on December 15th. (LET”S HAVE A BLOG PARTY!) I’m already counting DOWN to my due date though… 10 more weeks! 🙂

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