A Brave Day

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You might not think much of my bravery, but I’m feeling quite relieved that I had a dose of courage the other day.

I didn’t want to face it, but I finally cleaned bar-b-que sauce out of my purse.

The background: We thought we got away with it on Sunday afternoon. On our way to the Dollar Theater to see the film, Secretariat, we swung by McDonald’s to pick up some lunch. Because we didn’t have time to eat it before the show began, I carefully stacked our items in my purse. We were hoping we’d be the only ones in the theater and no one would ever know, but as it turns out, the place was packed. We found our seats and I began digging around in my purse for each person’s lunch. We were trying to be discreet about the operation, but we definitely smelled and Lia kept asking, “Where are my french fries?”.like McDonald’s. Nevertheless, no one confiscated our burgers or asked us to leave, so we enjoyed the movie, happy, and sinful.

A few days later, our sins found us out when I found myself wondering What is that saucy smell?? When I pulled my cell phone out of my purse, I discovered that the saucy smell following me around all day was an exploded package of bar-b-que sauce from our Sunday matinee. Not wanting to face the problem, I simply cleaned off my phone and zipped up the gooey compartment.  Yuck. I was secretly hoping that I could somehow talk Ryan into cleaning it out for me. (After all, he had happily cleaned up the bird entrails that our cat had left on the porch. Wonderful man.)

My purse waited and waited for me to clean it out. And then, I got a whiff of courage and was able to clean out the tell-tale sauce. And that’s brave!

I removed a mouse-trap from my daughter’s big toe.

This farm girl will not remove a mouse from a trap. I’ll double-bag the entire opperation – mouse and trap – but I will not dig in there! Needless to say, I got some practice the other day. Let me just say, it’s alarmingly disturbing to see a mousetrap dangling from your child’s toe! She was crying in dismay, and I was trying to face the fact that I had to act quickly. I tried to care more about her pain than my instinct that her toe was a mouse. I managed, somehow. So, although I didn’t remove a mouse from a mousetrap, I did remove a toe. And that’s brave.