A Game: “After-Dinner Mint”

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This month, I’ve been getting ready to establish Vivienne’s four chores for the fall:

1. setting the table,

2. making her bed,

3. sweeping up after dinner, and

4. folding some of the laundry.

We’re going to try this without charts, stickers, and allowance because I am so overwhelmed by all of the PRIZES PRIZES PRIZES. Every time I turn around, either I or someone else is offering my children CANDY!, *stickers*, IcE cReAm, trips to BERMUDA… and I think – I think – it might be becoming a little too much. All of those treats seem to make for some pretty unattractive attitudes… if you know what I mean. (These things don’t only happen to the Berenstain Bears, ya know!)

That’s not to say we can’t have fun teaching the skills, establishing the chore habits, or doing those chores every day. In fact, here’s a game I invented to teach a child how to set the table: (Don’t even think of stealing this, Fischer Price! These are my millions to make!)

I’m sure Melissa and Doug have a fantasticly wooden version of this game, but until I see it with my own eyes, I’m going to take full credit for inventing a game to teach my girls the proper way of setting the table.

“After-dinner Mint”

1. Make your Place-Mats: Trace a paper plate, napkin, and silverware on a place-mat sized piece of paper (we tore ours out of our discount butcher pad from Ollies) for each person.

2. Gather your playing pieces: a paper plate, set of silverware, and napkin for each person; a quarter; a mint.

3. Give each person a place-mat. Pile the playing pieces in the middle of the table.

4. Player 1: flip the quarter. Heads? Choose a piece for your place-mat. Tales? Pass the quarter.

5. Player 2: same thing!

6: The winner: the first person to fill her place-mat WINS THE MINT!

(See what I mean? PRIZES PRIZES PRIZES!)