A Little Quiz

Of the following five things that I’ve said, “NEVER!” about, which one have I gone-n-done?

A. Purchased a mini van

B. Bought a cell phone

C. Joined Facebook

D. Enrolled in a computer course

E. Gotten a tattoo

The first person to guess correctly will win my first-ever give-away prize: a CD mix of my favorite tunes and the old nick-knack of my choosing from our “Goodwill” box. It could be YOU!! Get your guess in!

(The answer will be posted on Wednesday morning.)






9 responses to “A Little Quiz”

  1. sarah anastasi Avatar
    sarah anastasi

    Joined Facebook??? or Purchased a minivan??? Hmmmmm. . .
    Purchased a minivan. That’s my uninformed guess!

  2. Sarah Hoover Avatar

    I think you either bought a cell phone or a minivan…hmmm…

    I’ll go with…

    minivan. (I’m second guessing myself here!)

    I can’t wait to read your blog tomorrow on what you do all day – I’m in desperate need here! Details please! 🙂

  3. Kari Avatar

    Gotta be Facebook!

  4. Jan Avatar

    I am guessing bought a minivan too – the automatic doors would surely help on library day!

    Of course, I’m off to check Facebook right now, just in case…

  5. Jan Avatar

    I’m realizing if it was minivan or Facebook, I won’t be winning – BUT if it’s something that hasn’t been guessed yet, I still stand a chance.

    SO, I change my guess to computer class? Something to do with photography/editing, perhaps?

  6. grandmom ruthie Avatar
    grandmom ruthie

    You got a cell phone, I hope!

  7. Jenny Avatar


    if that’s the ‘never’ that you did…i lost for sure.

    BUT–I already have a “Laura Mix” that I have enjoyed for over 2 years now 😉 I’m already a winner!

  8. Jenny Avatar

    searched for you…it’s not facebook.

    gotta be a tatoo—yeah. wouldn’t put that past you!

    I think it’s a cell phone…..

  9. erin marie Avatar
    erin marie

    CELL PHONE…. more specificly… “the jitter bug” cell phone.

    hand over the booty. thanks.

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