A Little V quote (these are always dedicated with love to the grandparents!)

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Tonight, we were eating pizza at a little place in Boalsburg. Viv spotted a slot machine on the floor; the buttons and levers were at just the right height for her and it wasn’t plugged in, so we let her play with it while we finished our dinner. When I knelt down to find out what she was playing, she held her cupped hands out to me (naturally, she was holding her imaginary kitten whose name is usually Ali) and said, “Here’s my kitten, I just baked her in the oven!” Then she promptly took the kitten back, placed her back in “the oven,” poked some buttons, pulled some levers, made a “ding!” and “pulled her out” again. Cupped hands extended, she generously offered, “Here she is again!” (WHO IS THIS CHILD’S MOTHER?!)