A New Vivi Show!

Vivienne’s whipping up a family-favorite treat at Raising Homemakers today!

Grab your little ones, and click on over to enjoy.

Here’s the written recipe to what we call Pebble Snacks.

As a bonus, here’s another family favorite that’s simple and quick to make. Saltine Cracker Toffee is a sure crowd-pleaser!






8 responses to “A New Vivi Show!”

  1. Courtney (WomenLivin Avatar

    Laura – I LOVE Her videos cooking!!! SO cute!!! Keepem’ up!!!! My daughter watched and enjoyed!!!

  2. Rachel Avatar

    That was the cutest thing ever! We make those, but use colored candy from the craft store. I also have two little girls, they seem very similar in personalities. I can’t wait to show my daughter!!! I posted this to my blog. 🙂

  3. Becki Watlington Avatar

    Way to go vivi!!! That was So CuTe!!!! I’m going to make these with Whit!

  4. Rebecca Avatar

    Your girls are adorable! My daughter is 4 1/2 and was absolutely fascinated with the video. She loves to make “instructional” videos, usually about setting the table. Don’t they sound so grown up when they’re giving directions????

  5. Courtney (WomenLivin Avatar

    Check out Vivi on my blog post today and how she inspired my little sweet peas!!! http://womenlivingwell-courtney.blogspot.com/2010/12/random-tips-and-clips-from-this-week.html


  6. Darlene Schacht Avatar

    The Vivi show is the cutest thing ever. That girl definitely needs her own time slot. Love her!!

  7. grandmomruthie Avatar

    That was some demonstration!!! You are becoming quite the little chef! Great job!
    Lia…great taste testing! That is what I would like to do when I am a little girl!!!

  8. Chanin Avatar

    Laura, I’ve been recommending your website to other young moms (I’m a mom of a 21 yr old, 14 yr old and 12 yr old). I am also a mentor mom at our local MOPS. I also love to watch and recommend your videos. Anyway, I posted this video of sweet Vivian making these snacks on my Facebook. My youngest daughter and I made them tonight (we also made some with Rolos and pecans 🙂 I just get a kick out your kiddos personalities. Thanks so much for sharing and i will continue to recommend your site to other young mamas.

    Many blessings, Chanin

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