A New Year’s Resolution that Worked

LauraHealthy Living

Remember when I committed to getting ourselves outside every day this winter?

Have you been wondering about our progress?

Well, the commitment and the chart worked wonders! We braved our way into the cold nearly every day in January and February. Sometimes, it was so cold out that we just fed the birds and scampered back indoors; other times, we surprised ourselves and stayed outside for a long time, exploring and imagining and playing together.

Now that March is here, we are stronger and rosier for it.

Spring is on its way, and we are ready to enjoy the wonders of God’s world more and more.

I found that our outdoor time opened moments for me to call to my children, “Come, Look!” as Sally Clarkson advises in her Motherhood books.

Pointing out the wonder of God’s creation to our children and taking time to stand side-by-side in wonder, opens our hearts to God’s character and power. As it turns out, God does not slumber or sleep, nor does He cease His wonders in the midst of winter. We look for His fingerprints in icicles, animal tracks, and snow angels.