A Treasure for Every Adopted Child… and the Mommy.

Have you adopted a child who wonders why you chose them?

Have you been praying about adopting a child and looking for resources to prepare your heart and home?

Do you know someone who is pursuing adoption?

My cousin Katie has written and published a beautiful picture book to cheer you on and help you to communicate love for your adopted child. You can sit next to your dear child or pull them onto your lap and read this genuine answer to every child’s question: Why did you choose me?

The simple, musical text and the fun illustrations will help you – child and mommy – to relate to one another and to receive God’s unconditional love. After all, His love is the standard and lifeblood of adoption.

My favorite part about Why Did You Choose Me? is that it isn’t sugar-coated. It’s not draped in a fairy tale or full of empty promises. It’s real. Very real. It wraps its arms around kiddos who pick their noses and break things, who aren’t the best at sports, who don’t ace every test. It resounds with love for the regular child.

Katie Cruice Smith
and her husband have adopted three children. This book began when Katie had to write a grant essay answering, “If your child came to you one day and asked why you chose them, what would you say?” She realized that “no matter how loving and secure their home may be, many adopted children
often question their identity within their family. This book is a way to lovingly and gently

answer those questions by showing them that there is no doubt that they were meant to be a part of your family.”

You can pre-order Why Did You Choose Me? on Amazon and be amongst the first to enjoy it! It will be released in November for National Adoption Month.

I can’t wait to read this to our own children. I want them to grasp the same message: that I love them regardless of their performance, personality, or achievement.

I also want to prepare their hearts in case God would call them to adopt a child in the future.

And especially, I can’t wait to give it to our dear friends who are currently in the process of adopting internationally!

(Katie, remember when we slept over at Grandmom’s house and ate Lucky Charms? We carved whales out of bars of soap, drove in her car to the grocery store, and snuggled up in the guest bed. We never could have grasped the wonderful work that God had planned for you in future! I’m so proud of you. Your tireless compassionate work will help to build homes all over the world. You’ve given words and images to help children – and their parents – receive God’s unconditional love. Love, Me.)





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