About My Life!

Do you know that one of the biggest stressers in my life is FOOD. The constant planning, shopping, cooking, storing… The constant hungry stomachs that ask for snacks, snacks, snacks… The constant desire for healthy foods that are easy for a toothless and hungry one-year-old… The constantly restocked shelves that literally disappear over-night… STRESSES ME OUT!

‘Seems like this lady read my diary and made a video about my life! I think I might just take her advice!






6 responses to “About My Life!”

  1. Melissa Avatar

    lol: no kidding. I always have this fantasy that other moms are not only cooking four-course balanced meals, but also (somehow) serving them to children who want to eat them. Meanwhile, I’m lucky if we can get some apples and carrots in next to the plain pasta.

  2. Jenny Avatar

    so funny. You could have made this video, some of her mannerisms match yours!

    gosh this made me laugh…

    …on my way to cook some tater tots right now!

  3. Carisa Avatar

    TOOOOO FUNNY. I wasn’t going to watch the video but I am so glad I did! That is hilarious! I hate all things food tooo!!!! I try really hard not to, but what i secretly want is a personal chef-to take care of all things FOOD-snacks, all meals, clean up, shopping….oh to dream….

    😉 Carisa

  4. Jan Avatar


  5. Shannon Avatar

    LOL – this was great! I so agree with the I hate cooking thing! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Julie Avatar

    This was a so funny! I definitely laughed out loud for this one – oh, I mean lol 😉 It is so good to hear other mom’s voice their frustrations with preparing food. The sad thing is that I do love to cook – but only when I don’t HAVE to and only when I have time and an empty house (so that really never happens anymore!)

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