About Queen Esther


Last week, Vivienne and I focused on the story about the biblical story of Queen Esther. We read the story in the KJV Bible and in V’s picture Bible, told and retold the story on the white board (I’m gettin’ pretty good at those stick figures, ya know), played the story with Fisher Price figurines, and acted out the story in dress-ups (V playing the pink-princess Esther; me playing the sack-clothed Mordechai and the star-sceptered king). On Friday, we even snuggled up and watched the Veggie Tales version of the story.

The verse that we memorized was, “So Esther arose and stood before the King”. Throughout the week, I emphasized Esther’s choice to go to and petition the king for her family’s lives (to this day, the Jewish people celebrate her courage and loyalty in Purim). I want Vivienne to learn the amazing privilege she has of standing before our King and praying for our family.

This morning, as we sang, “Soon and very soon, we are going to see the King…” Vivienne asked, “Momma, is this about Queen Esther?!” “Yes,” I began, “it kind of is…”


Queen Esther in her palace.


Looking out her window to see Mordechai in sack cloth and ashes.





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