Advent Poem


Inspired by Laura at My Quotidian Mysteries, I decided to write an Advent poem this year to include in our Christmas cards. Meditating on the miraculous coming of our Lord for the past two weeks, jotting down Scriptures and thoughts about His arrival, and considering the mystery of it all has been greatly refreshing. Since today’s Making Your Home a Haven challenge is to tackle a project, I decided that this was the appropriate afternoon to compile my thoughts and complete my poem. My friends and I will be “doing” our Christmas cards together tomorrow night; I knew from the get-go that I’d never be able to write in-depth messages in the cards while chatting with my darling friends, so I’ve been planning on arriving at the get-together with poem, photos, and cards prepared for stuffing, addressing, and stamping. I thought it’d never come together in time, but now all I’ve left to do is to buy a sheet of quaint Christmas stamps and drive to the other end of town!

Of course, I’d love to share my poem now, but I’ll be sending it to several of the people who read this blog, so I’ll wait to post it until Christmas Eve… In the meantime, consider writing an Advent poem of your own; it could be a beautiful gift exchange!

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