Advent Thoughts: “Consider Your Ways”


(The Heart Nebula)

Today’s Advent readings are from Haggai. In 2 short chapters, God calls Israel to return their hearts to Him and to rebuild the temple. Five times in this brief prophecy, He issues the command, “Consider your ways”.

This got me thinking about how Vivienne never asks me why she exists; she just meanders through her days, subconsciously trusting me to supply her purpose through our conversations and activities. (Her first response to my question about why God created her was, “Because you and daddy were waiting and waiting for me! And I was a present!” Although her statement is true, it’s not the answer to the question. May we teach her that she exists solely for God’s glory and contentment; not to occupy or satisfy her doting mommy and daddy!) Raising a child is such a vast responsibility; it inspires me to heed this Haggai command more reverently.

So, when I do quietly “consider my ways,” the Spirit of God reminds me first to return my heart to Him continuously throughout the day. To speak to Him and listen to Him instead of always about Him. To sing songs of praise to Him – with and without Vivienne. To notice and worship Him for His touches of beauty and movements of grandeur.

He also reminds me to listen to His guidance in regard to helping Ryan and raising our children; to be content to do His ideas and not relegate them behind my own. Or worse, to trade them for culture’s dread sway.

We are the temple that has been raised up again. What a privilege to be a single-hearted temple of prayer and praise crafted solely for His relational heart.

“Is it time for you, O ye, to dwell in your ceiled houses, and this house lie waste? Now therefore thus saith the Lord of hosts; Consider your ways.” (1. 4 – 5)







2 responses to “Advent Thoughts: “Consider Your Ways””

  1. Jan Avatar

    ooh, this is a popular Sunday School question – I always come back to being vessels/vehicles of His love. Although, V’s answer was entirely sweet – she is definitely a gift and a treasure!!!

  2. Grandmom Avatar

    .. a blessed reminder at this hustley, bustley time of year…when the drive to please those we love certainly runs neck and neck with the pleasing the King of the Universe…whyyyyy??? is that?

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