Could I partner with you to get the word out about your business or ministry?

With an ad and a give-away on my blog, you could reach hundreds (if not thousands) of families with your product!

This blog reaches:

* Homeschoolers/Interested in Homeschooling
* Christians
* Women/Mothers/Wives/Daughters
* Married/Parents/Singles

Traffic consists of:

20,000 + pageviews per month

…and continues to grow daily especially as I’ve been asked to speak at Relevant 11 (the only Christian Women’s Blogging Conference in the nation, drawing thousands of followers, and sponsored by ministries like: DaySpring, Thomas Nelson, and OCC).

I also contribute to the popular site Raising Homemakers, which has: 34,000 visits/month (over 14,000 absolute unique visitors), over 50,000 pageviews/month, and over 2300+ subscribers.

The 10 Million Miles Advertising Package:

150 X 150 one-month button: $50

150 X 150 one-month button with a special post (including giveaway, if desired): $75

150 X 150 button with a vlog post: $90

Posts (and vlog posts) will include a description of your company/product, picture(s) with website, your Facebook, Twitter and blog links.

If you would like to create a custom package to specifically meet the needs for your company, I would be happy to work with you to achieve the best fit for you and your advertising budget.

These low introductory rates are for a limited time, so advertise with these low prices while you can!

Payments using PayPal and/or checks are accepted.

Please email me at [email protected]

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