After Rain

I just love the world after a good rainfall. In high school choir, we sang an unusual song (not shocking, of course, since all high school choir songs are unusual… WHY?! This is certainly one of the questions I will ask God when I get to Heaven) that contained a haunting melody about the dewy world after rain. The soprano’s descent “after rain… after rain… after rain… aaaafffftterrrr rain” has taken up a permanent residence in my neurons and runs itself ragged on days like today.

It was the soundtrack to my late shower (didn’t get up in time to snag a shower before the little girl I babysit arrived; before I knew it, I was rolling up my puffy robe sleeves – Why are robe sleeves always so puffy and inconvenient?  This is another question I shall investigate  in the future – to change the girls, and read to them while taking breaks after every page to scoop another spoonful of fresh apple oatmeal into each of our mouths). And somehow the song inspired me to do my hair and make-up especially for today and venture out of yesterday’s rainy-day snuggly sweats into a maternity top and jeans that I haven’t worn yet. To be honest, putting some time and care into my appearance felt sooo good; I’ve been feeling kinda self-conscious during this pregnancy and recently decided that I’m not going to let my feelings dictate the *fun* a girl can have with an ever-enlarging bump on her abdomen. 😉

Anyway, since Ryan was feeling a bit drowsy at work, Vivienne and I packed up some mint lotions and Vitamin C and surprised him at work. V *massaged* his temples (and now-minty-fresh hair) while I gave him a quick hand massage. After our visit, V and I went to a park so she could ride her bike around a bit. She hasn’t been too thrilled about riding yet; I think her resistance is due in part to the weight of those silly helmets the kids have to wear these days; give her the wind in her hair and she’ll ride for miles and miles, I bet! But today she pedaled on her own, helmet and all! I really wanted her to have a few more opportunities to ride before the chilliest  weather rolls in. Then she ran all over the steps and ramps, playing an alphabet game with the engravings.












3 responses to “After Rain”

  1. Grandmom Nazimek Avatar
    Grandmom Nazimek

    Yeah, Vivi! I was so happy to see you pedalling away on your tricycle! These pictures are out of this world…two of my favorite subjects!

  2. Jan Avatar

    Is Viv ever CUTE in these pictures, or what? Love her little tights – she’s such a dolly. And you, Miss, you look all kinds of gorgeous – I know when you are preggers you don’t always feel that way – but sincerely, you look beautiful!!! And with Vivienne on your lap I don’t even see your baby bump – that is pretty amazing for someone more then halfway through their pregnnacy!

    I have to make sure Jonathan never finds out about wives stopping by work to give hand massages – he needs to keep his expectations low around here – lol! You are such a sweetie! Ryan is a lucky guy!

  3. Elaine Avatar

    Laura! I saw your blog, and rather than lurking thought I’d say hello. Vivienne sure is beautiful, and congrats on #2. I’m very happy for you all. Write me sometime if you get a minute (hard to come by with a little one).

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