All I Want for our Children

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While we simplify our homeschooling schedule to make way for lots of Christmas preparation and celebration, I’ve taken some extra time to read, pray, and think about our day-to-day lives. Heading into the new year, I’m asking, “What adjustments do we need to make here at home? Specifically, what do we want for our children?” I’ve been looking closely at how we invest our time and energy. I’m wondering why we do the things we do… and why we don’t do other things?

This afternoon, I discovered a printed copy of an old brainstorm in my cookbook while I was looking for a rogue granola recipe. It struck a chord with me and I plan to sit with it a while. In the meantime, I thought I’d share it here.

What would be on your list?

All I Want for our Children

First and foremost, I want our children to pursue holiness. I pray that they will be given a strong and sincere faith in Jesus Christ and a deep love for the Church.

I want them to be virtuous and passionately in love with God, well formed in their understanding of Scripture and well-practiced in their study of it.

I want them to be genuine disciples of Jesus Christ who share the gospel and make disciples wherever they live. I want them to love their neighbor as themselves.

I want them to give thanks in all circumstances and pray about everything at all times.
I want them to respect leadership and elders, submit to one another, keep godly friendships, speak up for the oppressed, and love and nurture children.

I want them to know how to thrive through good times and bad. I want them to know how to support and help other people through good times and bad, in Jesus’ name.

I want them to be pleasant to be around- having the skills to converse and interact with people of various ages and walks of life.

I want them to enjoy reading- to do it for pleasure and in pursuit of knowledge. I want them to be well-read and have the ability to discuss Great Books. I want them to write and speak well.

I want them to be able to transact money dealings and everyday calculations with ease.

I want them to know how to acquire the skills and expertise they need to accomplish the work God puts in their hands. I want them to be vibrant, diligent, faithful workers who work unto God and not unto men.

I want them to have a grasp of the people in history and understand how their lives affect ours today.

I want them to respect and care for God’s creation and to retain their sense of wonder for the natural world.

I want them to appreciate great art and pursue artistic endeavors for pleasure. I want them to be exposed to the world’s greatest music and be proficient at playing at least one instrument.

I want them to be able to use their hands to create useful, practical, and beautiful things.

I want them to be active in promoting Godly principles within our culture, be financially responsible, and have good solid habits that will carry them well through their lives.

I want them to fondly recall their childhoods, to uphold the value and dignity of family life, and, when they experience warmth, comfort, and beauty- to be reminded of home.