Annual Chronicles

For two years now, I’ve stashed important photos, guest lists, receipts, thank you cards, ticket stubs, and influential articles in an annual binder. Nothin’ fancy: just a three-ring binder with some photo sleeves that can hold the smaller items. (My binder does not look like the one above; I just inserted that photo to inspire you!) Day-to-day, I just stash memorabilia in the binder and, every once in a while, I take 15 minutes to punch holes and organize the pile. At the end of each year, I’m amazed to meander through the pages and gain a grateful heart for all of the little and big ways that God has blessed us through the year.

This article by Doug Phillips inspired me in 2008 and 2009; it inspires me again in 2010.

An empty binder marked 2010 will find its spot by the fireplace, waiting to store evidence of God’s generosity in the year to come.

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