Last night, Ryan helped me to finally decide on a red Asian-flavored blog background; he modified it for me and everything, but today I realized that the swirly little icons on the site are actually dragons. So, I’ve decided to switch out. Hence, the daisies. If I stick with this one, I’ll have to do something about that “witty tagline” bit at the top, and the “error in your SQL” warning. (?) Why can’t I love web design? It’d be so much easier just to create my own… Alas.






4 responses to “Arghh…”

  1. Grandmom Avatar

    Oh, Sweetie…did you write that poem about the bear’s foot and forever? It absolutely gripped my soul! The only problem was that I couldn’t submit a comment about it! Somehow or other an error sign came up on your site. Perhaps, Ryan could check it out.
    The post about the useless altar call was also great…unfortunately, because of false altar calls…some churches are throwing out everything, especially the the declaration of the gospel!

  2. Jan Avatar

    I couldn’t comment either! I like both new blog designs – this one has you ready for Spring! How are you feeling? I’ve been praying for you and Jingles! I also wanted to tell you that I really do love the leather sofas – they have to wear better then the fabric we had before! I just have to get used to how cold they are when you sit down on them, brrrr!

  3. admin Avatar

    Yep, I did write that poem… I’m glad you liked it. I don’t know why the comments were disabled… but Ryan worked on the site tonight and perhaps fixed things up a bit?

  4. erin marie Avatar
    erin marie

    Yea I love it all!! wow so is there a whole lot that goes on with thease Blog sites? I thought it was sopossed to be pretty simple. shoot. I do think I will start one one day.

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