Autumn Decorations

This girl couldn’t be giddier: a new home and a new blog… in the FALL!  Needless to say, I’m in nesting heaven.

I pulled the “Autumn Decorations” bin out of the attic and was not impressed by the handful of pumpkin-like-things that stared up at me. What had filled our old house “to the rafters”,  shrunk considerably in this larger farm house. Oh, I could just feel the Suzy-home-maker stirring about in my heart, but we’re on a budget, SO I decided to get creative.

I’ve officially replaced the pumpkin theme with an art theme.

Since God is busy painting the landscape with His divine brush – filling our world with color and texture – I decided to use some of our natural art supplies to inspire us similarly.

So, if you’re seriously lacking pumpkins, hay bales, and mums, feel free to steal my idea. It’s all things artsy this season!

(P.S. No doubt, you’ll spot my metal bucket full of German shoe forms down there. This is possibly the coolest thing I own right now. GERMAN SHOE FORMS! For $5, I scored the lot of them from a peddler at the Antique Machinery Show who obviously didn’t perceive their brilliancy.)

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