Away in a Manger, Part 2

And I thought I’d share this with you, too: our first annual manger cake!

In order to keep our eyes focused on Christ’s birth, I created this Christmas manger cake that I hope we make each year together. After so much mulling about the “how-to”, I was quite pleased with the outcome. I’m not a “cake-baker” by nature, but really enjoyed this creation. And – what dya know – all of the icing and decorations still tasted good together! And, in a sweet tangible way, it enriched our Christmas day with thoughts of Christ. I wish I would have taken photos of each step so that you (and I) could easily bake it next year. But, words will have to suffice:

1. Using one box of yellow cake mix, I baked one small rectangular cake and one circle cake.

2. After they cooled, I cut the sides off of the rectangular cake at a diagonal; then, from the extra pieces, cut out two small triangles for the base of the manger. I cut off a curve of the circle cake for the body; then, from the extra circle cake, used a glass to cut a small circle for the head. From any extra cake, I cut out three triangles for the beams of light.

3. I iced the manger with white cream cheese icing. Vivienne sprinkled mini chocolate chips on top.

4. We mixed blue icing for the body and tan icing for the head.

5. I iced the three beams of light with white icing and added yellow sprinkles.

6. I added toasted coconut flakes for the hay.



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3 responses to “Away in a Manger, Part 2”

  1. Swapna Raghu Sanand Avatar

    Loved the manger cake. Is it a family tradition? Would have loved it if you could give some more background information about the cake.

  2. admin Avatar

    Your wish is my command, Swapna! Enjoy!

  3. grandmomruthie Avatar

    Finally, back on the computer and back to the delights of your blog!
    Your manger cake turned out fabulously! You all did a great job!

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