“Be Glad You Are Where You Are”


Perhaps it’s one of life’s profound secrets and blessings: to be glad about where we are in life. To be thankful for the work in our hands and the people within our reach. Surely only a few people stumble upon this blessing… for it is a mysterious mixture of attitude and circumstances. It’s a gift; one to be pursued wholeheartedly.

When it comes to enjoying the daily calling of home life with a husband and children, I’ve discovered that all things are sweeter when I hold a song like this in my heart and sing it aloud when holding a little hand, or raising the morning blinds, or sitting on the couch with a child who just wants to be close. This song is written by a mother and it’s sung in the context of motherhood, where it is deeply needed.

I don’t mean to be sappy or overly idealistic, but don’t you think people would change if they sang it at the office, too? Or out in the field? At the market? Or on the road?