Because I am Home…

Because I am home, I am able to see this unfold over a 5-day period.

Just scribbles in a notebook, to some.

The unfolding of a rose, to me.

I knew it was profound when – on the fifth day – I watched in awe as my daughter slowly and silently told her pencil which way to go, disciplining her brain and her fingers to create a God-thought-of number that little girls have been meeting for centuries.

I knew it was profound when my spirit’s instantaneous response was to praise God.

A slow little miracle. That I got to see. Because I am home.






5 responses to “Because I am Home…”

  1. Sarah Mae Avatar

    Love this! Beautiful…so encouraging…thank God we have a vision for our family and we can be home to teach, train, and watch our beloved children!

  2. Rachel Avatar

    Thank you for this awesome post Laura! Being home is the best 🙂

  3. Grandmom Ruthie Avatar
    Grandmom Ruthie

    Way to go, viv!!!

  4. Jan Avatar

    I give those 5’s FIVE STARS – great job Vivienne!!!

  5. Jennifer Avatar

    My 4 year old son brought home something very similar today and as I looked at his #5 it immediately brought your post to mind. My heart aches to be home with my children and fulfill that God-given desire to see all of these moments! I’m trusting and believing that this is what God wants for our family too and am waiting to see Him move mountains to make it happen!
    I love reading your posts, and your little girls are beautiful! Any prayers you could send my way would be awesome! 🙂

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