Before a word is spoken…

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Lia is babbling up a storm these days; and if you ask me, all kinds of real words are emerging from amongst the sounds: “Dada,” “Momma,” “Laura” (yes, she too calls me “Laura” sometimes), “more,” “uh-oh,” “duck,” etc. (Not to mention that she pants like a dog whenever she sees one, which isn’t a word, but it sure is cute!) So, here she is – right on the cusp of enunciating these words, piling them together, and speaking!

You can imagine, then, how vividly Psalm 139: 4 awoke my prayers for Lia this week.

Even before a word is on Lia’s tongue, behold, O Lord, you know it altogether.

In this precious moment right before we hear one word after another unveil itself, I catch a glimpse of the wealth of knowledge secretly stored in God’s omniscient mind – the wealth of knowledge that has one little girl’s name on it: Lia. May this little one be a Herald of Good News as her name proclaims. May her words be full of life. May she already love the one who knows her so well.