Before Answering Another Bible Study Question: 4 Must-Do’s

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This month, as I studied the story of Jephthah – one of Israel’s judges – I had to put down my pen, stop filling in the study guide blanks, and sit long with God. There were things tucked in that story that needed my real-time response; there were things that I could only learn through private and open conversation with our Heavenly Father.

For five months, I had been extensively studying Israel’s cyclical return to idolatry, yet I had not yet once repented of my own idolatry. How sobering to be stopped with my pen poised in the air, ready to complete my Bible Study homework, when the Holy Spirit had to grab my attention and point out my oversight. Yet, how beautiful and good it was to repent and receive God’s forgiveness.

Do you need to stop everything and repent of idolatry today?

In this lesson, I share 4 things that every Christian must do in order to thrive, including repent. I recently taught this lesson at our weekly women’s Bible Study. (We’re studying Judges this year, using Jen Wilkin’s wonderful study guide and audio lessons. I prepare a lesson once a month to learn more about teaching the Bible; this one focuses on Judges 11:29-40, the story of Jephthah’s vow.)

I’d be honored if you’d join me as I share what I learned about this Old Testament story (including what historians consider the first annual women’s conference) and how it applies to our lives today.


After the lesson, my friend Kimberly led us in Be Thou My Vision.


And, here’s a link to a lesson on Judges 5: Deborah and Barak’s Victory Song.

May you and I worship the one true God together.