Before I Say A Word: What Should I Do Before Every Speaking Occasion? (Day 10)

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When I spoke on a marriage panel the other day, my dear friend and mentor sat front-and-center, supporting me and even taking notes. But the truth is, most of what I said probably came directly from her or from books she has suggested; I even stole her lines.  This woman has prayed and fasted diligently for our marriage for 9 years. She has helped us through the most difficult times and has rejoiced with us in the best times. I love her dearly and was delighted to have her support.



But in my nervousness, I forgot to publicly acknowledge Lois at all. I missed a great opportunity to honor one of my most beloved teachers. Thinking back on it, you can imagine how many times I’ve made the McKayla Maroni face to my self: “not impressed”. Before launching into my talk, I wish I would have taken a deep breath and looked around the room. I wish I would have considered who was there and what I needed to do with that information.

So I’m going to tape an index card to the front of my Bible with reminders: “Things to do before you speak”. 


Here’s what I have so far:

1. Pray. “…thine own dear presence to cheer to and to guide…”

2. Look around the room (gratitude, acknowledgements, sensitivities?)

3. This is for Christ’s sake alone.


Would you help me out? What would you add?