Begin with One Child

LauraAdvent, Character Training

Just this year, we’ve begun sponsoring a child through Compassion International.

Because we want our children to wear Christ’s burden. We want our family to respond to His heart. We want our lives to display His glory.

And this is a humble, and, yes, easy way to begin… a timid step towards others; a quavering hand just beginning to reach out…

We began with one little girl. Vivienne climbed up on my lap, and looked through the photos of Compassion children, until she found just the one who she wanted to love in a special way. A little girl. Her same age. The one she wanted to write her notes to. The one she wanted to pray for. The one she wanted to know and send her weekly allowance to.

And so, we’ve begun the journey of meeting and helping a little girl across the globe. Our hearts begin to open… slowly…

Oh, I hope that by connecting with this little girl, our hearts are further opened to other people, wherever God may lead us. I hope that Vivienne and Lia will grasp God’s desire for them to reach their arms out to others – far and near – and to give courageously, like their Savior. I hope that Ryan and I will, too. Give, give, give.

Compassion International bends over backwards to foster relationships between giver and receiver. The correspondence is priceless. As Vivienne becomes more confident in her writing, I’m sure she’ll find her Compassion friend a dear pen pal. The giving and receiving is so back-and-forth that  very quickly, one forgets who is whom: I thought we were giving… but we’re suddenly receiving…

Isn’t that what Jesus said would happen?

Please watch this compelling message from Eric Ludy:

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