Belated Resolutions

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So, I realized that I never posted about my New Year’s Resolutions.

They’re nothing to inspire a movie, but they’re mine, so I say they deserve a post.

You’ll notice I keep my resolutions real practical. Six years ago, I fell in love with the practical New Year’s Resolution that can be checked off the list by February 1st. Invigorating!

1. To close the bathroom door.

(Oh, the terrible habits we acquire in the name of conscientious motherhood! But, the girls are quite old enough now to survive the 30 seconds that I’m out of sight. Don’t you agree? If all goes well, I might just bump the 30 seconds up to a full minute! Then 15 minutes! When I squeeze an easy-chair into our half-bath and the girls are slathering the kitchen walls with oatmeal, I’ll know I’ve maxed out my time away.)

2. To stop using the word “cool” unless referring to a mild temperature.

(This weak adjective has been a part of my daily vocabulary for far far too long. There have to be better words of approval out there. Words like “brilliant”. Yes! That’s the one!)

3. To shop from a list. Only. For the most part.

(I have entitled myself to one exception: if I want to browse Goodwill or Target, etc. and fully intend on buying something if it is seriously a brilliant deal, I will go into the store with a total dollar amount jotted down on a piece of paper. That way, I can engage in spontaneous deal-finding, while keeping a lid on it. Because really, it’s not a deal if we didn’t even know we needed it, never will need it, or – erm – can’t afford it. Someone brilliantly handsome taught me that.)

So, there you have it, 2010.  A door, some editing, and a conscientious shopper. Happy New Year!