Bible Story Book Recommendation

LauraBooks, Motherhood

It’s times like this when I wish I had Oprah’s platform. Then I could announce brilliant resources and the whole world would know! THEN, I could tell you to look under your seat and you’d have a copy of your very own to enjoy immediately! I really do day-dream about that sometimes…

Until then, I’ll do my best to RAVE about Starr Meade’s Bible Story Book, The Mighty Acts of God until my little world knows. We have just finished the book and I have learned so much. From Genesis to Revelation, Meade explains God’s purposes for all things under Christ. It is theologically sound, God-centered, and spiritually challenging. Each morning, I read one chapter to the girls during breakfast. Both Vivienne and Lia (ages 5 and 2) looked forward to the reading every day, and yet I’m sure I was the one who had the most to learn. Of course, all three of us processed the chapters at different levels, but we all came away with a knowledge of many Bible stories, and – more importantly – an awe of God’s mighty power and love. After reading this book, I feel better equipped to explain the congruency of all Scripture, the preeminence of Christ, and the purpose of our lives as Christians. What a treasure!

Since there isn’t a free copy under your chair (such a bummer to me), you’ll have to buy a copy for your family library. But I assure you, it will become a treasure!