Blog for Your Life: Part 6 “Tackling Social Media Addictions”

The over-whelming, unplanned theme of the Relevant ’10 blogging conference was a deep brokenness over Social Media addiction.

Many women mourned the time they lost with their husbands, children, and friends, because of an unhealthy addiction to a computer or cell phone.

Many women returned home with a fresh commitment to prioritize properly and to enjoy their lives.

May we all continually strive for a healthy and holy balance in this fragile area!

If you find yourself in a similar position, I’m thrilled to introduce you to an online accountability program that has hugely helped me to balance social media and life.

For the past six years, we’ve installed Covenant Eyes on all of our computers and cell phones. Covenant Eyes has helped us to walk in integrity regarding our time and our interests.

Covenant Eyes sends a monthly report of all of my online activity (blogging, shopping, surfing, networking… all of it!) to one or two accountability partners of my choice. Ryan and I chose to have our reports sent to each other. So, at the end of each month, he knows if I’ve been totally sucked into curriculum browsing (a personal and nerdy passion), people-stalking, or blog-writing. He knows when I spend more time on the computer than I want to. He knows if I visit a site or two that I’ve already admitted is not good for me (Nothing’s worse than your life partner finding out that while he works diligently away all day, you’ve been wasting away on the computer. Yucko.) This accountability keeps both of us committed to our lives together, and helps us to make wise choices online.

Covenant Eyes is one of the best investments we make each month.

It makes me a better woman, a better wife, a better mother, and a better friend.

For the New Year, will you look into the software for yourself? For your family?

Whether you choose to have your report sent to a girlfriend, a blog-friend, your parents, or your husband, you’ll be amazed by the way in which you are encouraged to use your online time wisely. You’ll tell social media what to do, when.

So, here’s how to sign-up:

1. Visit Covenant Eyes to sign up for the program.

2. The cost is $8.99/ month for the first Accountability username on the account.  You may add Accountability usernames for $2.00 each per month. Covenant Eyes knows you’ll love the product so much that they offer the first month free!

3. Use the affiliate code 10millionmiles to let them know you found out about the program here.

4. Enjoy the daily victory of walking in transparency, integrity, and power.



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2 responses to “Blog for Your Life: Part 6 “Tackling Social Media Addictions””

  1. melissa Avatar

    Thank you for this…I didn’t know it existed and will be signing up TONIGHT!

  2. Laura Avatar


    This is wonderful news! Please, oh please, tell me how it works out for you… 🙂

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