Blogging Through the Bible: Leviticus

As a chronicle of God’s expectations for atoning sacrifices and offerings, the book of Leviticus stirs my heart with awe towards God.

These chapters show us that He knows what He wants.

Down to the very detail.

He knows what pleases His heart. And what does not.

It reminds me of a sermon series our pastor shared last year: we looked through Scripture for what God wants in our worship, so that we not give Him what we want Him to want. He is God; and we are His people.

All of the details – the fat cut here and there, the pots, the location. the ashes – are important to God. Only when each of those details was respected and met, was God pleased with the aroma. What obedience this required! What conscientious care! Who had time to do anything else, but seek to please God?

Likewise, our atoning sacrifice, Jesus Christ, pleased every specific desire of God’s heart. Every little detail. So that, Jesus became the sweetest aroma of obedience and conscientious care about God’s desires. Hallelujah.






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